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Have you got a pile of scrap metal taking up valuable space? Maybe you’re a business with leftover metal from a project? Instead of letting it rust, why not turn it into cash? Crestwood Metal is the premier destination for all your scrap metal yard in Suffolk County, NY.

In the heart of Long Island, where cherished memories often intertwine with precious possessions, there comes a time when you might consider parting with heirloom jewelry or pieces that no longer resonate. The decision to sell jewelry is a personal one, but finding the right buyer can be a challenge. That’s why discerning Long Islanders turn to Long Island Pawn Shop, recognized as the best place to sell jewelry on Long Island.

Why Choose Crestwood Metal?

What We Accept:

The Scrap Metal Recycling Process:

  1. Collection: Gather your scrap metal. We can even help with large loads and commercial pickup.
  2. Sorting and Identification: Our experts will sort your scrap and identify the different metal types.
  3. Weighing: We use certified scales to accurately weigh your materials.
  4. Payment: Get paid on the spot at competitive market rates.